UK Blogs 2018

Beyond Brunel

Three things about England intimidate me: roundabouts off the M-4 motorway, pub food that sounds like a personal injury or disease, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Chocolate Box Head

“It’s embarrassing,” I said. “And I feel like I have to explain myself.”

Lazy in Lacock 

I don’t mind admitting that I am getting older. But just not out loud. And not to other people.  Even my wife.

Doing your Best at the Lit Fest 

When travelling, my wife and I try to work as volunteers at writers’ festivals or book fairs. You get a chance to meet authors in informal settings; you make friends with local book lovers; you often get free passes; and you have the opportunity to feel useful.

Jane Austen meets Stephen Leacock                                                

Michele really wanted to visit Jane's home and museum in Chawton.  But ...

The Celery Root Route 

Wherever I travel in the future, I’m going to carry around a leafy celery root.  Also called celeriac, the vegetable helps you find directions, locate the best restaurants, and learn things about local history ...

Going by the Dogs

You can get to the periodic island of St. Michael’s Mount in several ways.  But I recommend going by dog – or, more precisely, by the dogs