Top 10 Ways to get a Flat Stomach

1) Box-shaped Weight
Lifting dumbbells looks silly in business meetings and most other public settings, thus discouraging commitment and requiring great effort to fit it into a busy schedule.  However, carrying around a substantive, weighty book such as the well researched and detailed biography of inventor George J. Klein – one in each hand for two to four hours per day - will not only give you the stomach-flattening exercise you need, but also enhance your image.

2) The Exercise Pillar
Sitting on an inflated exercise ball works your abdomen because the instability of the round surface forces you to engage core body muscles to keep balance.  But the process of inflating and deflating a three foot round balloon every time you want to exercise is a major deterrent as is the awkwardness of trying to store or hide a permanently inflated ball.  A very practical alternative is to sit on an unstable and wobbly pile of books of varying sizes and shapes.   The book pillar can be dismantled easily and placed on shelves or tables until you are ready to exercise again.  For an appropriate collection of unstable books of varying sizes, click here.

3) Targeted Cardio Exercise
Increasing your heart rate gets your blood pumping and burns unwanted calories.   But it is difficult to run or jump while riding on a bus, waiting for an appointment, or lying in bed.   An excellent way to engage your cardio system in such situations is to read heart-warming stories such as the inspiring biography of woman engineer Elsie MacGill Studies show that doing 20 minutes of heart-warming reading, three times a week burns more abdominal fat than similar periods spent on sleeping, eating, or drinking.

4) Beer Avoidance Techniques
Even one beer per day can have a significant impact on your waist-to-hip ratio.  Many techniques have been recommended to drinkers trying to break from beer.  But one that is infallible is that of keeping your hands occupied and filled with other objects.  As beer is very difficult to drink through a straw, its consumption demands that the drinker hold a bottle or cup of some sort while drinking.  Objects that are of the weight and girth of a beer stein – such as the book Stubborn: Big Ed Caswell and the Line from the Valley to the Northland  make excellent diverting, hand-occupying instruments for those interested in reducing beer-induced belly fat.

5) Crunching
The Crunch is the most popular abdominal exercise.  It works your rectus abdominis muscle as you curl your shoulders toward your pelvis while lying on the floor.  It can help flatten your stomach.  But if you do it wrong, you can injure your head or neck and presumably your rectus.  None of this would be good.  If you insist on crunching, better to spend your time crunching numbers as your review the engineering designs and schematics of the Great Inventor George J. Klein.  It will also exercise your brain and probably give your rectus a workout too.

6) Involuntary Contraction of Stomach Muscles
Most people interested in a flatter stomach think that stomach exercises are the key and make it their focus.  But regular, planned exercising is rarely enough.  To be effective, it must be supplemented by irregular, unplanned stomach contractions and the forcing of air in an out of your lungs in a convulsive way.  This is most effectively induced by reading funny, stomach-contracting, laugh-generating novels that satirize politics and government such as Il Principio – The Principle.

7) Recline-Twist Pilates
One of the best ways to ensure the muscles of the trunk region is flexible and strong is to twist the upper body while maintaining the support of a stable pelvis.  This is a very advanced practice mastered by only the most experienced yoga practictioners who are also zealous Pilates experts.  You haven’t got the time or commitment to achieve such skill, but you can simulate the technique by supporting your pelvis while reclining on the couch and reading a book containing many strenuous twists and turns like the Most Strategic, Integrated and Aligned Servant of the Public Don Quincy de la Mangement.

8) Protein-rich Diet
Following an eating plan that emphasizes lean proteins will accelerate weight loss from your midsection as proteins burn more calories than carbs in the digestion process and build muscle.   Poultry, beef, pork, and other meats are high in protein and often a preferred source of the nutrient, but meat can be fatty and poses a dilemma for vegetarian writers.   Fortunately, you can indulge in meaty subjects and build mental muscle without consuming any calories by reading books that combine technology, history, and human rights such as the biography of Elsie MacGill.    

9) Chewing
The speed at which you chew controls how much you eat. Hormones involved in the sensation of fullness, do not reach peak expression until 20 to 40 minutes after food is ingested. Chewing longer allows these hormones to work for you.   But again you do not need to be eating calorie-carrying food to chew.  You could spend your time releasing hormones and histamine chewing over the intriguing events and thoughts chronicled in Renaissance II: Canadian Creativity and Innovation in the New Millenium.

10) Flat-surface Shapewear  
If all else fails, you can push your belly into a flat shape with technology.  Buy rolls of spandex or other special undergarments if you are prepared for the embarrassment and awkwardness of shopping and trying on things called Yummie Tummie or suck-it-up Shapewear.   An alternative is to lie on your back and set a pile of flat-surfaced weights on your stomach to hold it down.  Call your friends over for a visit to chat about books, to observe, and to note the new prone, svelte you.  A set of flat-surfaced shapers can be purchased here.