Crazy Town Too

The Jim Watson Story

By Doolittle Ryting

The mind-numbing saga surrounding the National Capital’s scandal-less mayor, Jim Watson, has been masterfully documented for the first time in Crazy Town Too, a new book by creative journalist Doolittle Ryting.

Few observers would have imagined that Watson’s career might be fodder for a book particularly after his life-long avoidance of drugs, sex, and gangsters came to light this past year. His insipidness became irrefutable with the discovery of a now infamous cellphone video of the Mayor at work.

Watson and his mob of Dull Nation followers denied the existence of the video for many months insisting that the shaky image was merely a pixilation of a photo of the Mayor. Even now, Watson backers continue to insist that the video and the still image are one and the same.

Ryting admits to not being sure about the video himself, but believes he may have seen it when searching the Internet for sleeping aids. Given the speed at which Ryting’s book was turned out, it is surprising that he had time to do any research, even Googling.

Although difficult to discern why, Ryting has divided the story into two parts: Typical mornings, and Typical afternoons. But the format works for this story, capturing the drama such as it is.