House of Kind

Everyone at work is talking about the new show on Nutflix online.  House of Kind is a political drama developed and produced by an unemployed, former political assistant and was made available when he accidentally pressed “Publish” while trying to figure out how to blog. 

Set in present-day Castoria, House of Kind tells the story of François Undergarments, a left-leaning Conservative politician from the west, who has been passed over for the coveted post of Parliamentary Secretary to the Assistant Deputy House Leader.  The Prime Minister appointed Undergarments, instead, to the position of Vice-Chair of the irrelevant House of Commons Committee on Mining, Fish Habitat Correction, and Minor Budgeting.

Saddened, Undergarments plots his response and consults his wife, Claire-Headed Undergarments.  She says “that’s OK, dear, I’m sure the Leader is doing what is best for the country and makes these decisions with important considerations that we can’t even imagine.”
“I guess you’re right,” Undergarments sighs. “Besides, this will mean less travel and more time with you, the kids, and my books."   The End. 

The series had only one episode.