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Today we have a special report on the drafting of objectives for guidelines to ensure that the oversight of core policies involving public resources and the government public administration are informed by professional and objective functions that are dependent on departmental management.

We have an interview with a senior official charged with providing assurance as to whether these activities are managed in a way that demonstrates responsible stewardship.

Also today on our show, we will present the latest in our series on ways to ensure deputy heads are supported in their roles as defined in section 16.4 (1) and 16.4 (2) of the administration of departments and processes act.  

This series is the result of an in-depth Bureaucracy Now investigation of management, control, and governance.  Our investigative team has found that deputy heads need to receive assurance and advice from their departmental committees and functions to inform decision making at the highest levels of their departments.

More to come later in the show.

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Now back to our show, and our top story – the drafting of objectives for the oversight of policies.

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