Prime Minister announces Meeting on Crisis

(PMO News Release Template #813 - (Fill-in-the-blank Crisis)

The Prime Minister of Castoria today issued the following statement on his plan to meet a delegation concerned with the national crisis on ... (blank - insert name of crisis as referenced in most recent media reports)....

"I am pleased to participate in this historic gathering and pledge to making progress in the following areas:

• Improving relationships and developing strong partnerships;

• Building effective, appropriate, transparent, and fully accountable concepts;

• Empowering the success of individuals and enabling sustainable self-sufficiency; and

• Creating conditions to accelerate opportunities for all of Castoria.”

In making the announcement, the Prime Minister reaffirmed his government's commitment to maintaining its relationships through an ongoing dialogue that sets clear goals and measures of success.

“While some progress has been made, there is more that must be done to improve outcomes across Castoria,” the Prime Minister said. “The Government has an enduring historic relationship with the people based on mutual respect, friendship, and it is in the spirit of ongoing dialogue that I will be participating and working to focus on strengthening the relationships."

The meeting will be held in the Capital City sometime this year.