Ojabberaway Melody Fishing Lodge

When I retire from my long, long career as an often loyal public servant, I would like to open a cottage resort on the shores of the Great Bay for retired government policy advisors where they could observe and advise on boating, swimming, and fishing in a comfortable and familiar manner.

It would be very different - a unique place.

Instead of getting wet, sweaty, and nauseous out on the water, my guests would gather around the fire and discuss the policy challenges of canoeing, refine the concept of boating, and propose boating governance systems.

Each of these boat-free boating sessions would contribute to a long term effort to shape theoretical and conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches that could potentially guide future research and study of the Canadian canoe paddling experience.

The resort would also offer unique swimming facilities where users would avoid the water and instead spend their days sewing bathing suits, letting them out, taking them in, and then adding special patches before pulling out all the stitching in order to start anew the next day.

Finally, fishing.

For every hour spent with a pole in hand and a line in the water, the resort guests would devote three or four hours to arguing about where the best spots for fishing were, what was the best bait to use, and who had caught the biggest fish in the distant past.

Well ... OK ... perhaps  ...  all right ... so ... the fishing part would not be that different.