O Castor - Our National Nursery Rhyme

Today, I accompanied the Minister to Government House for the induction of Mr. Bob Bane into the Order of Castoria in recognition of his services as communications coordinator for the National Children’s Engagement Strategy.

Bane is famous for crafting the well known verse “O Castor” that calls on our nation’s children to take pride in hard work and their country but not so much pride that they might seek undue wage increases, social benefits, and the responsible development of natural resources when they get older.

O Castor

To be read to the Pre-School Children of Castoria

He hews the wood,
paws the water.

Can’t do much more,

is no smarter.

He works real hard

with just sinew.

Takes down forests

with just a chew.

Piles up the sticks

into a mound.

But leaves the wood

back on the ground.

He wears a coat

in the summer.

He couldn’t be

any dumber.

He shows his teeth

but not to fight.

It’s just to give

those sticks a bite.

He floods the land

and makes a mess.

To this, he is


He is a great

nation’s sumbol

‘Cause he keeps us

very humble.