About Stubbornbooks

Warehouse - Highway Book Shop
Cobalt, Ontario

Stubbornbooks is a small entreprise in Ottawa, Canada established in 2010 to celebrate Canadian creativity - and to have fun.  Its founding followed the termination of the NRC Research Press (RP) book (monograph) publishing program, a move undertaken in the publisher's transition to the new not-for-profit  Canadian Science Publishing (CSP).  
Although many CSP books remain available for purchase, the organization's marketing now focuses on epublishing services and scientific journals. Stubbornbooks tries to fill a gap and maintain awareness of the inventory of books on Canadian science. At the time of its termination, the RP book program had over 100 popular titles covering fields ranging from soil classification to spiders.  Its bestsellers included biographies of three creative Canadians (Gerhard Herzberg, George Klein, and Elsie MacGill). Stubbornbooks promotes these books as well as the ideas in another, Renaissance II: Canadian Creativity and Innovation in the New Millennium, a collection of speeches and reports flowing from the Millennium Conferences on Creativity in the Arts and Sciences in Canada 

The name – Stubbornbooks - was inspired by the persistence and commitment to survival of early Canadian pioneers as documented in another book, one released in 2010 by General Store Publishing House (Stubborn: Big EdCaswell and the Line from the Valley to the Northland).  

Since its inception, Stubbornbooks has also published several books of satire and humour by exploiting the new era of inexpensive and flexible print-on-demand, epublishing, layout, and editing services.   Though Stubbornbooks publishes very few original works, it is pleased to provide guidance to writers and to recommend suppliers (editing, layout, printing, distribuiton and  conversion for epublishing on all platforms).