Top 10 Canadian Writing Awards - No. 10

 “World’s Best Daydreamer” Imaginary Awards

I am the World’s Best Daydreamer. I have letters of attestation from people who should know, and I read it in print in my hometown paper.

It must be true.

See the World’s Best Daydreamer reference at bottom of my bio.

With this venerable designation and my success in the Top 10 Very Canadian Writing Awards, I perhaps risk being branded a glory glutton in lusting for more.

But the curse that comes with being the best daydreamer in the world is the penchant for imagining awards and honours for yourself.

This may seem a pitiable habit, but my analysis of the world’s most celebrated awards suggests that they were dreamed up by groups of like-minded individuals to bestow on each other.  The only difference in my case is that my collection of like-minded individuals is a group of one.

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