Canada's Great Inventor - Biography

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Biography of George J. Klein

The man who is cited as the most productive inventor in Canada in the 20th century was known as modest and kind, as well as an exceptionally innovative engineer.
George J. Klein worked in the laboratories of Canada's National Research Council in Ottawa for over forty years.  He flourished as a mechanical designer in the midst of visionary scientists and talented machinists working on national issues and leading edge discoveries. 
Klein's numerous inventions included the electric wheelchair for quadriplegics; the microsurgical staple gun; a wide range of industrial gearing systems; and internationally important innovations in aviation and space technologies.
His early research, for example, made it practical to use skis on aircraft, and his later inventions included the STEM antenna, which became a renowned Canadian contribution to the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Space programs.  Klein also headed the engineering team that designed ZEEP, Canada's first nuclear reactor, in the 1940s.
Even at the age of 72, he was called out of retirement to act as chief consultant on gear design for the CANADARM project, and continued to further its development and related space technologies into his 80s.
Born in August 1904, Klein passed away this month, November, in 1992.

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George J. Klein: the Great Inventor
“ … illustrates how effective it can be to create an environment in which knowledgeable innovators can contribute to team projects … In fact, this book well illustrates how NRC achieved success … an interesting biography of a person who was a key contributor to the mechanical design of hundreds of applications ... also ... a biography of the first half century of NRC’s history.”

“Few books have traced and documented a life story of invention as comprehensively as Dick Bourgeois-Doyle’s biography of George J. Klein ... engaging and eminently readable ...” 
Dr. Arthur J. Carty, National Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada (2004)

“... not only rich in information and technical facts, but also conveys a sense of occasion ...”
Lorne Gold, Past President of the International Glaciological Society
 and Author of “the Canadian Habbakuk Project”

"an admirable job in taking the world of George Klein … invention ...
 and making it accessible ..."
The Community Press, Western Edition, February 4, 2005

"... this is a work that deserves a place in every school, university and public library in the country and on the bookshelf of anyone interested in Canadian scientific achievements."
New Edinburgh News, April 2005

“the Unsung Hero of science … Canada’s Edison”  

CanWest News Service June 2004

"This book makes you proud to be a Canadian..."
Roy Mayer, Award-winning Inventor, Success Magazine Breakthrough Ideas Winner 1993,
Author of Inventing Canada and Scientific Canadian.