Gallery 101 - Where Art and Bureaucracy Meet

January 14, 2012

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Where Art and Bureaucracy Meet

Gallery 101 in Ottawa, Canada

I was honoured to be included in a group of arty individuals who have works related to the subject of "bureaucracy" and who took part in a very different event here in Ottawa this weekend.

It was a panel discussion at an art exhibit inspired, if inspired is the right word, by the  experience of bureaucratic systems.

My flimsy credentials rest largely upon my artful effort to remain employed by the government and my book, a parody of Don Quixote in a Government Office.  The group  included another writer, Christian McPherson, who earned his spot on the floor-level podium with his novel The Cube People. The featured guests were the two visual artists Immony Men and René Price. I encourage you to follow their links to learn more about their work, look at some of it, and read the neat and thoughtful essay posted by the show's curator Leanne L’Hirondelle (see link above).  

It makes you think and smile. 

This is not always the impact of something driven by bureaucracy.

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