Ice Hogs go to China

Under the special Castorian Rodent and  Imprisoned Mammal Exchange (CRIME) program, two Ice Hog mascots employed by the national capital winter carnival are being sent to China. The arrangement follows the ten-year loan of two giant pandas to Castoria from China. 

Today's announcement was greeted with official excitement by excited officials in the excited partner nations. The Ice Hogs, En See See, a thirty-something female, and Ka Pi tal, a middle-aged male, will spend an indefinite period 
with the option of renewal touring remote regions of China.

The Honourable Bud Ekscuse, Castorian ambassador to China, was on hand to deliver the cold, caged rodents to the staff of the People’s Maltreatment and Organ Harvest (PMOH) Zoo Camp in a photo op ceremony on the Beijing airport runway.

“They are smiling - this is how Ice Hogs smile - trust me,” said the ambassador in an interview with the People’s Persecution Press. “Smiling is important - as we're hoping they will breed while being held in custody here in China - and away from our boring, no-stimulation capital.”

To ensure a smooth transition to their new environment, the two Castorian furbearing beings will receive strict rations of rancid rice and brackish fluids to mirror their customary diet of slush and canal water.

“They will get food if they cooperate fully,” PMOH Zoo officials added.