The Death of the Penny

When I leave public service, I want to be remembered like the penny.

Perhaps it was inevitable that the media would over do it in covering the decision to end distribution of the one cent coin. Still, the glowing descriptions and the wistful manner in which the penny was memorialized made me envious.  

So, I have started to collect news clippings to suggest material for speeches at my retirement party.

·    "lasted for 137 years, and not only had a significant place in our history, but a sentimental spot in our hearts.”

·    “was very important to a wide variety of Canadian charities and had a major impact on the financial viability of many.”

·    “Guide Dogs for the Blind, Free the Children, Habitat for Humanity, and others have planned special events to mark this occasion.”

·    “was, at times, regarded as good for business - equally through what was saved and what was earned.”

·     Straightforward and plain to some, and considered a work of art by others.”

·     more at home among the poor, the needy, and the disadvantaged than with the great and powerful.”

·     “ Indeed, was an aggravation to some in powerful positions ... was once struck by the wife of the Governor General.”

·      “By any impartial assessment, worth more than just face value.”

·     “may be gone, but will not easily be forgotten: will live on in our words and provide material in exchange for our thoughts for years to come.”

·     outlasted his counterparts in New Zealand, Australia and other places around the world, continued to realize high production into the final years.”