Top 10 Canadian Writing Awards - No. 7

No-Cigar Runner-up Stuff
The Runner-Up
One of the coolest writing recognition experiences I ever had did not result in any tangible prize, award, or honour, but it felt like I won something big.
Last December, our local CBC afternoon radio show challenged listeners to write a 300-word story in the style of Stuart McLean’s  Vinyl CafĂ© “Dave and Morley Stories,” to base it on the contents of that afternoon’s show, and to submit it by early the next morning.
I was driving down Laurier Avenue, listening to the car radio at the time and just happened to be passing by an intersection where, a few years earlier, I had been stuck in traffic while chauffeuring an important passenger around Ottawa.  It was memorable and a somewhat surreal experience as my special passenger surprised me at the time by jumping out to the car, running down the street, and directing traffic, much as described in my story submission to CBC  – which I turned into a husband and wife Dave-and-Morley-style piece.  The prize would have been a set of tickets to Stuart McLean’s Christmas Show at the National Arts Centre.
I did not win, but my runner up status resulted in my story (text) being read on air by a pretty adept local beer entrepreneur/Stuart McLean impersonator.  

Surrealism within surrealism – making this just strange enough to be on this Top 10 Canadian Writing Awards list. 
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