Top 10 Canadian Writing Awards - No. 5

The Book Award for Science not Writing

Principally, I write biographies of people who inspire me, assemble collections of the thoughts of the thoughtful, and parody those whom I wish I was.

To the extent any of my books have received positive recognition, it has come as a function of the subject matter and the book’s clingy association with these truly great people.  I have to root around in the bowels of reviews and citations to find some fragment to associate with the writing and the skill of the author for future abuse and misrepresentation. 
Sometimes I do.
Not so with the 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award from Canada’s National Research Council presented for my biography George J. Klein: The Great Inventor.  The Award was for Public Awareness of Science and the presentation spoke exclusively about the late Mr. Klein, his worthy credentials, his inventions, his science, and his life. 
When it came time to accept the award, I looked around the room fully expecting George’s ghost to step forward and receive it.  
Finally, I went up and accepted the plaque on his behalf with appropriate clumsiness and unease.  Very Canadian. 
Clearly another appropriate addition to the list of Top 10 Canadian Writing Awards.

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