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Sound like Stuart McLean Thing

Dave and Morley both hated traffic jams. 

Dave always felt that being stuck in traffic was a personal failure.  

“If only you had taken a different route, had changed lanes, or had just stayed home ,” - the voice in the back of his head would say.

Morley hated traffic jams too -  because she knew how they made Dave feel.

Today, there was no escape.  It was backed up on Woodrooffe;  the Queensway was stalled; there had been an accident on Hunt Club West.

Trying to be helpful, Morley said “maybe we should have taken a different route, do you think we should have changed lanes earlier, maybe we should have stayed home today ?”

“Yes, maybe,” said Dave.

They had taken the afternoon off to go shopping and beat the rush. Now, Dave could see his Christmas plans floating away like the fumes from the stalled truck up ahead.  His shoulders slumped, and he softly banged his forehead against the steering wheel.

Suddenly, the passenger door slammed.  Dave looked up to see Morley running down the street.   It was not like her to abandon him  – but before he could imagine why, he saw her stop and step into the middle of the street.   Morely moved her hands in the air     holding some cars back, letting others through, and cautioning others.  Slowly, but smoothly the snarl lifted, and Dave’s car inched forward and passed the stalled truck. 

Morley waved good bye to applauding drivers and passed the traffic-direction baton on to a young man inspired by her example.

As they headed down the road, Dave looked at his wife in awe and with the deepest feelings of love he had felt during their entire married life – well, at least, during those parts that they had spent together in traffic.

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