For Release January 1, 2012

News Story of Top News Story of 2010 -
picked Top News Story of 2011

OTTAWA, Canada — The Editorial Board of Canadian Creativity This Week (CanCreativityWk) has chosen the online blog’s first news story of 2011 as its Top News Story of 2011.  
It was the story reporting on the selection of the Top News Story of 2010, a story that also trumpeted imaginary news and make-believe information to fill non-existent blog space.  The Board noted that the selected story, which was coincidentally published one year ago today, exemplified the online publication’s commitment to creativity, imagination, and fabricated news.   
“Through the capricious choice and celebration of a previously reported news story as a “Top News Story” we are able to have absolute control over both the content and timing of our news report,” said a spokesman for CanCreativityWk. “And we don’t have to do any work because the story was already written and published before – bonus!”
The other imaginary news stories considered for republication as Top News Story of 2011 include Canadian makes bid to Buy Cervantes Bones, Author joins Kindle™ Million Sellers, Internet killing Creativity, and Launch of One-Page Book, as well as the two imaginary list-style-news stories below .
Noting the appropriateness of the Top News Story of the Year story as the Top News Story of the Year and the international competition for Top-News-Story-of-the-Year attention in December each year, the CanCreativityWk Board has announced that it will be announcing its choice for Top News Story of the Year as early as possible each year to gain attention-getting advantage over other media.  
To this end, the Board is announcing today that the Top News Story of 2012 will be the news story described in this announcement.
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