Don Quincy de la Mangement - How to Buy

The Life and Adventures of 
the Most Strategic, Integrated
and Aligned Servant of the Public

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Don Quincy de la Mangement: The Life and Adventures of the Most Strategic, Integrated and Aligned Servant of the Public (©Stubbornbooks)  - is a parody within parodies of the classic story of Don Quixote. 
The hero of this tale loses his wits not from the excesses of chivalry and knighthood, but from undue exposure to government memos, briefing notes, the presumptions of public administration, and contradictions in management systems and hierarchies.  Don Quincy de la Management satirizes modern management theories in a way that resonates particularly with life in the civil service, but touches the soul of all who have imagined something better in a heavy administrative setting. 
The book also amuses lovers of the classic who see its application to life in the 21st century.  From the Author’s Preface and sycophantic Dedication to Oprah and her Book Club to the fanciful reviews, each section and chapter honors episodes in Don Quixote’s adventures and echoes the cadence of Cervantes voice in sardonic combinations that illustrate the absurdity of management theory when spoken in the venue of genuine human interaction.
“Extremely funny … but also a little sad”
as one imagined commentator puts it.