Governing Travails - Book 3 in Capital City Trilogy

DBD - August 2015

This summer, I finished the first draft of Governing Travails, my novel inspired by the true life experiences of a government policy analyst. This is the final installment in The Capital City Trilogy.    

But you can’t read it.

It won’t be published or shared widely until after my retirement. Unless uncontrollable farting or other circumstances force my early departure from public service, this won’t come until spring 2018.

The book will not disclose secret information, touch upon my current job, or slander others.  The only person who might be embarrassed by the semi-autobiographical contents is the author. 

I think it best to keep this book out of print until my professional career and any aspirations for respect in the workplace have been formally laid to rest. 

Like its predecessors, Don Quincy de la Mangement (the administrator) and Il Principio: The Principle (the political strategist), this book explores government and politics as a parody of a classic work. This approach normally ensures the writing enjoys a frame of erudition and dignity.

Maybe not so much with this last one.  Though the opening chapter reads like fantasy, it recounts real events provoked by the avatars of renowned, public figures; its title, A Tale of a Turd, hints at the decorum difficulties the book poses.  

So, I invite you to wait until April 1st, 2018 to judge.  

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